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The Forgotten 1981 Concept Car You'd Never Guess Was A Mercedes

The Forgotten 1981 Concept Car You'd Never Guess Was A Mercedes

When you watched of Mercedes-Benz you watched of first elegance German luxurious vehicles, now no longer ... some thing triangle element above is. It looks as if it turned into constructed with the aid of using the Clown Werks Division at Barnum & Bailey Circus, now no longer one of the maximum relied on vehicle makers withinside the world.

However, the Nahverkehrsfahrzeug – doesn`t that simply roll off the tongue? — does in truth come from Mercedes. Thankfully, the acronym "NAFA" turned into followed to maintain us all from spitting on every different whilst seeking to pronounce the call of this automobile. The NAFA is a idea that really performed an vital function withinside the improvement of some of Mercedes line of cars, such as the A-Class.

It turned into designed as a "a automobile for visiting quick distances" (through Dyler). The NAFA turned into to be used for bopping across the city panorama wherein parking is continually at a premium. As such, Mercedes constructed the automobile with an standard period of simply over 8 feet. It wasn't tall either, sitting a hair below 5 feet. With the capacity to show a whole circle inner a 19-foot diameter (through Mercedes-Benz), it turned into the literal definition of a compact vehicle.

Try saying 'Nahverkehrsfahrzeug' 3 instances fast

The engine in this mini turned into a 3 cylinder 1.0-liter pony kicking out forty horsepower (through Motor1). Again, this two-seater turned into intended to pressure right all the way down to the shop for some luggage of groceries — and now no longer tons more, thinking about it lacked indoors space — and scoot again home.

The NAFA had front-wheel pressure, computerized transmission, and four-wheel energy steering (through Motor1). Additionally, the doorways failed to swing out conventionally. Instead, they slid ahead to maintain with "metropolis vehicle designed to suit on congested streets and in tight spaces" mantra Mercedes wanted. As the doorways slid, a smart layout preference robotically folded the aspect mirrors out so that they would not get smashed (through Honda). The sliding door might in the end discover its manner into Peugot's 1007 (through Dyler) a few 23 years later.

Alas, the NAFA in no way made it into manufacturing due to the fact the German automaker could not get it as much as snuff safety-wise (through Motor1). However, a lot of NAFA's principles made their manner into the Smart ForTwo and the Smart City Coupe later down the line, even as different training it found out withinside the NAFA's improvement located their manner into the layout of the first-technology of A-Class cars.

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