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Whatever Happened To The iPod Nano?

Whatever Happened To The iPod Nano?

The iPod nano changed into Apple`s substitute for the iPod Mini, a smaller model of the business enterprise's iPod transportable tune tool. The nano proved immensely famous whilst it changed into released in September 2005. By the vacation season, Apple had bought 14 million first-technology nano players, in line with the Washington Post. After those preliminary successes, however, the version confronted a few problems because of how clean it changed into to excessively scratch the display, subsequently main to a class-motion lawsuit in October 2005 (thru Macworld.) There have been additionally a couple of incidents of the nano inflicting burns and fires, which led Apple to subsequently release a substitute program, as mentioned by MacRumors in 2011.

Despite those setbacks, the nano endured to be a famous tool, in the long run lasting for seven generations earlier than Apple in the end discontinued it in 2017. The small audio participant went thru a couple of principal layout adjustments at some point of that time, inclusive of the quick transition to a widescreen layout for looking tune movies withinside the nano's 1/3 technology. That wasn't the handiest iPod nano layout alternate that quick disappeared — there has been additionally, for example, the digital digicam that changed into brought to the fifth-technology version, some thing that changed into all over again quick eliminated with the appearance of the sixth-technology model, which regarded much like the Shuffle (thru Apple).

iPod nano's problems

Even aleven though the nano changed into general a a hit product for Apple, there have been masses of sore spots for the version. Many purchasers suggested that the display changed into without difficulty scratched, main to, in a few cases, the show turning into unreadable in a count number of days. Apple investigated those claims and observed that a percent of the iPod nanos had defective displays. In 2005, those scratched displays caused a class-motion lawsuit in opposition to Apple that recommended the business enterprise need to pay $22 million in refunds to iPod nano owners. The business enterprise subsequently agreed to the terms, providing customers who implemented a $25 refund.

Despite this and different hardware issues, the nano endured to be famous and went directly to promote tens of thousands and thousands of gadgets earlier than slowly fading into obscurity. This changed into inevitable due to the fact hobby in devoted transportable tune gadgets waned as smartphones received higher tune-gambling capabilities. Eventually, maximum purchasers observed it pointless to very own a separate transportable tool completely for gambling tune, and Apple ended this line of iPods, aleven though the phone-like iPod Touch stays to be had to this day. Still, the nano changed into an iconic tool for the early 2000s and arguably the maximum famous manner to concentrate to tune at the move at that time. 

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